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How do I set up a proxy trial?

  • We offer a two-day money-back guarantee for any package* of 5 proxies in our data center proxies to enable you to test them out for your use case. 
  • You can register and process your purchase HERE

How do I authorize my proxies?

  • We offer two types of authorization methods: IP Authorization and Username/Password Authorization.
  • You can use this guide to learn how to test and authorize your proxies.
  • If you have an IP address that is dynamic (changing), then you will be unable to authorize your proxies via IP authorization in the proxy dashboard. You will need to instead use Username/Password authorization.
  • It is not currently possible to use a Username/Password with our Rotating Proxies, only IP authorization. So if you have a dynamic IP, then rotating proxies will not work for you.

Why are my proxies not working? I can't get my proxies to work

  • Several factors can cause your proxies to not work properly - the most common cause is configuration issues. Follow this guide to ensure that you have set them up correctly.
  • If you are certain you have configured the proxies correctly but continue to experience challenges in getting them to work, you can troubleshoot further using this guide.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my proxies?

  • You can have additional proxies by upgrading your current package in the Upgrade/Downgrade section of your proxy dashboard. 
  • Similarly, you can remove some of your proxies in the same section of the dashboard. Please note the minimum number of proxies you can have at any time is 5, hence you will not be able to downgrade below 5 proxies.
  • You may refer to our support article here for the upgrade/downgrade instructions.

How do I cancel proxies?

  • You can cancel the proxies through the proxy dashboard or through the client area.
  • Here is our cancellation guide.
  • After you have successfully canceled your service, you may leave it to expire on its designated expiration date. You will not be billed after this date.

How do I become a proxy reseller?

  • We offer an easy way to get started without the hassle of complex or expensive setups. You can find more information here.
  • To get started, please fill in this Form.

Why is my proxy not showing the proper location information?

  • Please feel free to use the links below to check your proxies' locations: MaxmindDB-IPIPinfo, and
  • Some Geolocation services identify some proxy locations incorrectly as they may not update their database as regularly as required.
  • We recommend that you use the proxies directly to your use case to see if the proxies work. If you still find unsuitable proxies, we do offer replacements. Feel free to go over our support guide here on how to process replacements.

How do I replace proxies?

  • Our replacement credits are provided complimentary to the service and we offer these per number of proxies on the package. This means that the replacement credit will be equal to the number of proxies you have purchased. For example, if you purchase 5 proxies, you are entitled to 5 replacement credits each billing period.
  • Feel free to go over our support guide here on how to process replacements.
  • If you have exhausted your credits and urgently need your replacements, you can get additional replacements at half the price of your monthly renewal. Contact our support team for further assistance.

Do you offer HTTP, and SOCKS proxies?

  • Yes – we support both protocols with our data center proxies and ISP pool.  

How do I use the SOCKS protocol?

  • Dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies support SOCKS protocol.
  • We have a great knowledgebase article on how to use SOCKS here.
  • SOCKS Authorization uses port 1080 with the proxies for connectivity via IP authorization and port 1081 for connectivity via username/password authorization method.

Why are my proxies not working on some sites?

  • There will be cases where your proxies will not be able to connect to a certain site. It could happen that they are not able to connect as soon as they are delivered or after a certain time of use. If you encounter such an issue, your proxy or set of proxies is most likely banned.
  • For the proxies where you experience this, I would recommend replacing the proxies

Why are my proxies not showing in my dashboard or are blank?

  • If you have purchased proxies, and find that there are blank areas where proxies should be in your proxy dashboard, then this means that you have selected a location that we may not have in stock currently.
  • You can set your proxy locations preference to 'Mixed'- that way, the system will determine which locations have enough stocks and deliver your proxies at the soonest time possible.

What are rotating proxies?

  • Rotating proxies are proxies that are shared, but the IPs change every set number of minutes to another proxy IP from a larger pool of IPs.
  • The proxy IP has different port numbers and will show a different public IP address.
  • You can learn more about configuring these proxies here.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We currently accept payments through credit/debit cards, Google and Apple Pay, and PayPal. 

Does Rayobyte process refunds?

  • We do not guarantee refunds for lack of usage or dissatisfaction with the Services. 
  • We currently do not offer trials for our ISP proxies, therefore, do not offer a refund for these proxy types.
  • We offer a two-day money-back guarantee for our data center proxies to enable you to test them out for your use case. If you find that the proxies do not work for your purpose, you can contact and request a refund.
  • Our refund policies can also be referred to in our TOS and AUP.

Do you offer Residential proxies?

  • Currently, we offer static (ISP proxies) and rotating (residential). Both are sourced from residential ISPs.

Can I have a free trial for the Residential proxies?

  • You can register here to get a free trial.

What locations are available for the ISP (Static Residential) proxies?

  • We currently offer ISP (Static Residential) Proxies from the US, UK, Canada, and Germany!