Different factors can affect proxy use. In some cases, proxies that used to work, may no longer be suitable for one's use case. 

We do offer free replacements for our dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies - if you find that you need to replace them. Before doing so, we recommend that you check out our other article to diagnose issues with proxies not working.

Replacement Process

  1. Log in to the proxy dashboard here.
  2. On the left-hand panel, select "IPv4 Proxies" to drop down the menu. Then select the "Proxy Replacements" option.
  3. You will be given 2 options on how you will go about the replacement process:
    1. Option 1 (Individual): You can select individual proxies from your list. Simply select the "Replace" button to replace that proxy with a new proxy. 
    2. Option 2 (Multiple): You can manually enter the IPs you want to replace in the box shown below. This allows you to replace multiple proxies at the same time. Input the IPs you want to replace and then press "Submit". 

Once you have processed the request, our system will provide you with a new IP in your dashboard. Please note that this replacement process can take up to 10 minutes before the new proxy is delivered.

Replacement Credits

Proxy replacements are provided as a complimentary service - For example, if you have purchased 200 USA dedicated proxies, the respective 200 proxies will come with 200 complimentary proxy replacements.

Each replacement will use a single proxy replacement credit, and once you have successfully replaced a proxy, the system will assign a new IP as the replacement. 

If you have exhausted your credits and urgently need your replacements, you can get additional replacements at half the price of your monthly renewal. Contact our support team for further assistance.