For cancellations due to technical issues encountered, please refer to this article for information on troubleshooting proxies. You can also contact our support team should you need further help!

If you are certain you would like to cancel your proxies, there are two methods available for you to do so. Please see the methods listed below: 

Cancelling Through The Proxy Dashboard


  1. Login to your IPv4 Proxy Dashboard
  2. Click to expand IPv4 Proxies
  3. Select 'Upgrade/Downgrade' in the options or click UPGRADE YOUR PLAN if you are on your IPv4 Proxy Dashboard
  4. Click the 'Cancel' button associated with the service that you would like to be cancelled
  5. A warning will pop up. You will then enter your cancellation reason, then click 'Yes, please cancel my proxies': 

Cancelling Through The Client Area


  1. The client area can be accessed through the link here
  2. Once logged in, click 'Services' 
  3. You will be shown your list of services, both active and terminated. Select the service that you would like to cancel.
  4. To cancel your service, click the 'Request Cancellation' button
  5. You will then be asked to put in your cancellation reason, click 'Request Cancellation' once again.

Note: Services with cancellation scheduled will remain active for the rest of the billing cycle. The system will cancel their renewal invoice and will have the service terminate accordingly.