Currently, we accept PayPal in two different forms, and Stripe (Credit Card). We do not accept cryptocurrency. 

Stripe (Credit Card) 

  1. Stripe (Credit Card) is available with us.


  1. PayPal Billing Agreement (PPBA)
    • This option allows for an automatic payment to be made each month for your service. 
  2. PayPal
    • This option allows for a one-time payment to be made. This would require that the invoice be manually paid each month unless PayPal Billing Agreement is chosen.

Switching Payment Method

Our system handles one payment mode at a time. If you need to switch to a different payment method, you can do so through your next renewal invoice. The system generates your renewal invoice a week prior to service due date. You can access your invoice through either your client-area or through your proxy dashboard. You can also use your upgrade invoice should you need to add more proxies to your existing package. 

You can go over our guide below to switch between our available payment options:

PayPal to PPPBA/Stripe

  1. On your invoice, depending on your preferred new payment mode, select either Credit Card or PayPal Billing Agreement in the Payment Method.

PPBA/Stripe to PayPal

  1. Select PayPal in the Payment Method. Switching to PayPal will set the service to manual renewal.

PPBA to Stripe

In order to switch from PPBA to card payment, you will need to remove your PPBA information in the system. Otherwise, the payment will not push through. 

  1. Refer here on how you can remove your PPBA
  2. Once done, proceed to your unpaid invoice and select Credit Card in Payment Method

Stripe to PPBA