This article addresses:

  • Dead Proxies
  • Proxies blocked to website
  • Proxies not showing up in dashboard

The reason we're certain the proxies are working is because our infrastructure has 24/7 monitoring on all of our proxy servers. If there are any issues, our engineers are alerted immediately. At this time, we do not have any indication of a downtime, so likely the problem is the particular use case you are trying the proxies on.

Please note, that there is a difference between the proxies actually being completely dead (not loading ANY websites), and the proxies being blocked by a particular website, but not ‘dead’.

Steps to diagnose proxy issues:

        1. Is your PC/Device IP authorized in the proxy dashboard?

This can be checked following this article: How to Authorize your Proxies

If your IP is authorized and you’ve waited for about 5 to 1 minutes for authorization to complete, then continue to step 2.

        2. Are all proxies loaded into your account?

If yes, then proceed to step 3.

If no, then we may be temporarily out of stock of the locations that you selected. In this case, you may either wait 48 hours and we may get more proxy stock in, or you can change your locations to mixed in the Location Preferences tab in the proxy dashboard, and your proxies will all load in within 5-10 minutes.

        3. “My proxies can access other websites, but not my preferred website.”

This most likely means that the proxies become blocked to the preferred website you were trying to access

Please read this article on steps to verify this, and what we do to help you try and fix this.  This can be checked by following this article:

 If your proxies work to, but not a particular website you are trying to use the proxies for, then the proxy may be blocked from your preferred website. In this case, we offer one free proxy replacement, per proxy, per month in the proxy dashboard under the Proxy Replacements tab. We have a guide on how to replace proxies HERE

        4. “I’ve replaced my proxies, but that still aren’t working to my preferred website”

Unfortunately, if a website is blocking the proxies from accessing their site because of their site security, then there is nothing we can do. We don’t have any control over website security, and if a website decides they don’t want particular proxies from accessing their site, then that is up to them. We already provide replacements to help alleviate this issue, but are unable to do anything further if the website has blocked the proxy IP(s). However, the proxy will work for many other sites as needed.  

It is important that you understand what proxy configurations are required for your respective programs that you are using.

Please be are using the proper port number along with the proxies you are using.

A.) IP authorization uses port 3128

B.) Username/Password authorization uses port 4444

C.) SOCKS authorization users port 1080 for connectivity via IP authorization and port 1081 for connectivity via username/password authorization method. 

All of these ports can be changed in the proxy dashboard here: HERE

IP (3128) and SOCKS via IP authorization (1080): Both of these require your PC/Device IP to be authorized to be able to use the proxies. Once your is IP authorized, you will need to wait less than 5 minutes for the proxies to authorize on the authorized IP. You will know this is complete when the proxies start loading web pages as needed.

Username / Password (4444): If you change your authorization type from IP or SOCKS to Username/Password, then we still recommend waiting for about 5 minutes for the IPs to completely change from the previous authorization to Username/Password.

1.) You will need to authorize your own computers/servers IP if you plan on using IP authorization. You can simply follow this video guide on how to authorize your computers/servers IP address: HERE

2.) If you are using Username/Password authorization you can follow this video guide on how to use the proxies with user/pass: HERE