As a dedicated reseller partner, your commitment to maintaining a trustworthy and secure service is paramount. In this era of heightened digital security concerns, it's essential to ensure that your services are not just efficient, but also secure and compliant with industry standards. One effective way to achieve this is through the utilization of sub-accounts. Let's explore how sub-account management can significantly benefit your operations and protect your user base.


Why Use Sub-Accounts? 

Precise User Monitoring and Control

Using sub-accounts enables you to segregate the traffic and activities of each user under your reseller account. This separation is crucial for closely monitoring user behavior and swiftly identifying any potentially abusive or malicious actions.

Targeted Compliance and Issue Resolution

In the unfortunate event of a user violating policies, our compliance team can pinpoint the exact account responsible. This targeted approach, as opposed to a blanket action against all users under a single account, ensures that only the offending user is addressed. Our compliance team rigorously audits activities to enforce our Domain Blacklist Policy, safeguarding the integrity of our services.

Mitigated Risk for Your Entire User Base

Without sub-accounts, a single abusive user can jeopardize the access of your entire user base. By implementing sub-accounts, you safeguard your legitimate users from being unfairly penalized due to the actions of one.

How to implement Sub-Accounts?

Setting up sub-accounts is a straightforward process. Our platform offers intuitive tools and guides to assist you in creating and managing these accounts efficiently. Check out our API documentation for sub-user creation here. By doing so, you can:

  • Assign and manage user permissions with ease.
  • Track individual user activities and usage patterns.
  • Respond proactively to any unusual or potentially harmful activities.

In conclusion, sub-accounts are not just a feature – they are an essential tool in your arsenal to maintain high standards of service and security. By adopting sub-accounts, you demonstrate a commitment to providing a secure and reliable service. This not only enhances your reputation but also builds trust with your user base. Remember, in the digital world, the safety and reliability of services are as crucial as their functionality. Embrace sub-account management today to step into a future where security and efficiency go hand in hand.