Why does Rayobyte blacklist domains?

To ensure that our residential proxies are maintaining their ethical reputation (see our ethical sourcing page), we have implemented a policy for domains that are allowed to be accessed by our residential network. In order to effectively monitor and mitigate any bad actors, we have setup an internal monitoring system that alerts us when suspicious domains or activity are being requested.  


What sites are on the blacklist?

Examples of domains or industries that will be blacklisted by our system include, but are not limited to: 


How does Rayobyte communicate when a domain has been blacklisted?

If our system detects URLs like the examples above, we will ban the domain from being accessed by all proxies on the network and reach out to any affected customers or reseller to let them know the ban is in place on that domain. 


Can I get a domain removed from the blacklist?

To get a domain removed from the blacklist, the user must provide us with the following information:

  • A list of sample URLs they are connecting to on that domain to verify the need to connect to any authentication or API URLs.

  • A thorough explanation on why they need access to these URLs. This could include a walkthrough of their  software/project via screencast video, a documented walkthrough with screenshots showing what data is being extracted and how it is being used, or a well-written explanation of what data they are gathering and how they are using it after accessing it.

  • We will need them to attest, with written confirmation, that they are not doing anything illegal with the data they are extracting from the target site. 


The decision to allow access to the target URL is solely at the discretion of our team. 


If you have any questions about this policy please contact our support team at support@rayobyte.com.


Thank you!