Hello! This article will explain how to install your .p12 or .pfx certificate to your Chrome Browser for use with Proxy Pilot. 


Please download one of our attached certificates before trying to install it to your Chrome Browser. 


After downloading one of the attached certificates, you'll want to visit your Settings in your Chrome Browser and click into the Security panel: 

Then, you'll click into Manage Certificates: 

You should then see a pop-up (shown below) and you'll want to click on the Import button: 

This will give you another pop-up for your Certificate Import Wizard. You'll just click the Next button: 

After that, you'll click on the Browse... button and find the downloaded certificate in your file system. Once you've selected it, you should see it populated in the File name field and you can click the Next button: 

On the next step, you'll want to select "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" for the Certificate Store. If this is not already filled in, simply click the Browse button and it should be in your list of certificate store options.: 

On the next page, you'll click the Finish button. This will prompt you with a security warning, which you will click Yes for: 

And now you are ready to use Proxy Pilot with your Chrome Browser! If you have any troubles with this setup, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at