Hello! This article will explain why you may be seeing an error code when using Proxy Pilot and how to get these resolved. If you don't see your error explained here, please reach out to our team at for further assistance. 

HTTP Response CodeResponse ContentDescriptionSolution
500Error Retry LimitProxy Pilot has reached the limit of retries that it will attempt when trying to fetch a specific URL.

Please try your request again.

If you are continually seeing this error code, please reach out to our support team at for further assistance. 
503No ProxiesThere are currently not enough proxies in the pool. This may indicate that all proxies are in cool-down or, if there is a geo-targeting header specified, it may indicate there are no proxies for that region in your account.Please try your request again or check to be sure the specified geo-targeting header matches one of the available regions in your proxy account.