We strive to provide the best quality IPs for all of our users. Part of this process is to provide a wider range of diverse IP pools to ensure that our customers can see the best possible results for their needs. As part of this process, we source our ISP proxies from a number of companies both large and small across the United States. All of these IPs are true ISP proxies - some from providers you have heard of, and some from providers that you might not know.


"I didn't get IPs from Company X, so they will not work for me"

Our IPs are put through a number of large-scale tests. We personally ensure that all of our ISP proxies provide quality results across a large number of use cases. We also ensure that major IP databases see them as an ISP proxy address rather than a data center IP. Take a look below to see some examples from IP2location, a primary database for IP information used by many large companies.


ISP Proxy: https://www.ip2location.com/demo/

ISP Proxyhttps://www.ip2location.com/demo/

ISP Proxyhttps://www.ip2location.com/demo/

Data Center: https://www.ip2location.com/demo/ 


The key information we look for is the "usage type" to ensure it is not datacenter/hosting. As you can see, ISP proxies in these demos are listed as "fixed ISP" usage types, which will signal to any sites that this is an ISP proxy, while the datacenter IP is flagged as a “datacenter/hosting provider” in the usage type field. So as you can see, regardless of the size of the company, all of our ISP proxies are seen as such by the websites you are trying to access.


Please reach out to support@rayobyte.com if you have further questions about what we can offer you through ISP proxies.