Welcome to the Rayobyte Rotating Residential beta program! To start using your rotating residential proxies, just follow the instructions for your programming language of choice to install our proxy controller software:

Need instructions for a language that’s not listed above? Reach out to your account manager.

What am I installing?

Proxy Pilot is Rayobyte’s brand new, 100% free proxy management application which comes with many benefits for the residential proxy user such as yourself.


To use our proxies you need to add a line of code to your software to “ignore” a certificate warning (recommended option), or install our secure certificate on your server. This certificate allows us to intercept your traffic and decrypt it, which emulates a man-in-the-middle-attack with your connection. 


This certificate then stores your data insights in the powerful ELK stack, fully accessible by you and your team. You’ll be able to see data like the list below, and much more:


  • How many connections were sent to domain.com?
  • How many non-200 HTTP response codes?
  • How much bandwidth have I consumed?
  • How many total connections in the past 7 days?
  • How much bandwidth on a specific domain?
  • Look at the full header sent to the target website to understand why you may have received a non-200 HTTP response (a ban, in many cases)

Why do I need this?

We want you to have the best possible experience with your Rayobyte proxies, and the Proxy Pilot certificate will make your scraping project much more successful than it would be otherwise.

There are two primary reasons you must work with this certificate.


1) Improve your scraping with advanced statistics


Proxy Pilot lets you access amazing statistics at your fingertips, with detail far beyond most of our users’ in-house solutions. Without such data, we believe customers are just “spraying” connections at our competitors’ pools without really knowing what’s going on or what they’re being charged for. With our solution, you will know everything!


Here are actual screenshots of the ELK dashboard you will be provided with:





And in this ten-minute video, our VP of Technology shows the wide array of benefits you get from installing our simple certificate.


2) Protect our users and our proxy pool


Most proxy providers cannot technologically prohibit a customer from opening a tunnel and sending 100k requests to a single device.


Rayobyte works a little differently. We know that setting high ethical standards doesn’t just protect the pool of users who are entrusting us with their IP addresses - it also protects YOU from getting banned/blocked from a site you want to scrape.


By giving our software the insights to know about each connection being sent, we are able to ethically spread out connections to our residential devices.




We recognize our approach is a little unusual, so please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager with any questions or concerns.


Thank you for choosing Rayobyte, and happy scraping!