If you put ANY of your IP addresses you have from us at the top right of this PAGE you will find that your IP address is in fact in the correct location. Since ARIN owns IP addresses, they govern this location and it is up to third parties, to honor this governance – which unfortunately is not the case. 

The websites that you use to check the proxy’s location, may not update their database as regularly as required, and this is out of our control entirely, as we do not control that respective website's administration, or the website's security or data, etc, thus, this makes it impossible for us to tell them to reflect the right IP location accordingly. 

We use the four most known geolocation providers, Maxmind/DB-IP/Ipinfo/IPLocation.net. Please feel free to use the links below to check your proxies' locations. 





Nevertheless, if you still find any of the proxies to be unsuitable for your usage, you may in fact replace the proxies via your Proxy Dashboard here: http://rayobyte.com/proxy/dashboard/replace

Once replaced, you will be given a new IP.