Rotating proxies are proxies that are shared, but the IPs change every set number of minutes to another proxy IP from a larger pool of IPs. Which is why they are called "Rotating". They rotate IPs after a set number of minutes (10-120 minutes) to a different IP. These IPs are shared between other users though which can mean slower speeds, and potential website blocks.

Our rotating proxies are proxies that switch it's public IP address within an interval of 10 minutes between the switch. Once you have successfully purchased the rotating proxy package, you will be given a single IP address with different port numbers like the following

The proxy IP has different port numbers and will show a different public IP address. When you load the proxy onto Firefox for testing, and when you browse to, you will not see as your public IP, but rather something like this .

If you purchased 10 rotating proxy ports, that will grant you access to a pool of IP that has 200 unique IPs. If you purchased 100 rotating proxy ports, that will grant you access to 2000 unique IPs in your pool. The pool of IP will remain the same throughout the entire billing cycle. If you let your rotating proxy subscription expire at the end of the billing cycle, and re-purchase after that, this should grant you access to another pool of IP - do take note that the IPs are allocated randomly, thus we can't guarantee that all the IPs will be different from your previous pool.