Account Information Management

Primarily, the client area allows you to edit your account information. The information updated will reflect instantaneously on your invoice. It also allows you to update the email address that is associated with your account.

Use this direct link to edit your account information.


The services section shows you all of your services, their renewal amount, and due dates. Service status indicates if they are active, or terminated. It will also show orders that were not pushed through. Those orders are marked cancelled.

Here’s the direct link to view your services.


You can check your invoices and manage your payment information through the billing section. My invoices show all of your invoices, both paid and upcoming. 

Manage credit card information lets you update your card information.

To view your invoices, click here:

Use this link to manage your credit card information. 


This section is currently unavailable. Instead, please use our website to reach out to our support team or email us directly through

Our knowledge base can be accessed here.


Login gives you a shortcut to your Proxy dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard

We have an affiliate program that allows you to get commissions from your referrals. The affiliate dashboard allows you to monitor your affiliate earnings and request for payout. 

Access your affiliate dashboard here.

Sub-account Management

You can add sub-accounts if you need to give limited access to other users. 

Here are the features that you can set:

  • Configure a sub-account with client-area access
  • Be able to receive the following emails:
  • General Emails - General Announcements & Password Reminders
  • Product Emails - Order Details, Welcome Emails, etc…
  • Domain Emails - Renewal Notices, Registration Confirmations, etc…
  • Invoice Emails - Invoices & Billing Reminders
  • Support Emails - Allow this user to open tickets in your account

Here’s the direct link to access the sub-accounts sections.