How will I be billed for bandwidth? 

We offer a non-expiring bandwidth billing model. This means that you can purchase as much bandwidth as you need and use it whenever you need it. It will never be removed from your account so there is no commitment needed on your end!

How do I purchase bandwidth? 

Once you've gone through our vetting process with our sales team and have access to your user dashboard, you can visit this page to purchase more bandwidth whenever you need it. We are going to be introducing an auto-replenishment system that will allow you to add more GB to your account automatically when your bandwidth balance reaches a certain number (below 1 GB, for example). 

If you'd like to talk to our sales team, please visit this link to get started!

What is your pricing? 

In our non-expiring bandwidth model, we have eight tiers of pricing that you can see on our pricing page