If you find that your Server/VPS is turning off on its own every 30 minutes - 1 hour, then your Windows License is most likely expired.

You can either reset the license following the instructions below, or our support team can complete this process for you if requested. 

If you would like support to reset license for you:

In order to renew the license on your behalf, kindly provide us with your consent along with your server's Administrator password, for us to access your server, and we should be able to renew the license in just 10 minutes of support replying to the ticket.

Please note that the renewal would require a reboot in the process, thus kindly ensure that you have saved your work or settings on your software before we proceed. Once we receive your acknowledgement, we will renew your server’s license as soon as possible, in order to minimize interruption to your service.

To reset the license yourself:
1) Please look for the Windows Powershell logo found at the bottom left corner of your desktop, which looks like this: Screenshot

2)     On the Windows Powershell prompt, please type slmgr -rearm and press enter – like so: Screenshot
3) The system will inform you that you have successfully renewed your Windows license, and kindly proceed to reboot your server to complete the process.