You may find that when you look up your server's/VPS's location on a site like, that it shows to be in a different location than you had requested for the product. 

This is because the IP that is assigned to the server/VPS has not had its Geolocation updated yet. However, your server/VPS is physically located in the location you have requested, and this physical location is where the signal is directly coming from. The virtual location of the IP associated with the server has no effect on performance at all. 

This can be proven by testing the server in Chrome through If you set the test server location to the virtual location of the IP, then test server location to the physical location of the server/VPS, you will see much faster speeds with from the location that you have selected physically for the server/VPS. More detailed guide on testing through can be found in this article: Why Do I Get Low Speed Test Results?