Number of Task per Server/My Server keeps disconnecting

Your server may be turning off/disconnecting for a few reasons.

  • Your windows license is expired. This can be checked by turning on your server HERE:
    • You will then need to login to the server, and in the bottom right hand corner, Windows will either show that the Windows license is expired, or the number of days it has left.
    • If windows license is expired, then follow this article: HERE
      • If windows license is not expired, then continue below.
  • Too many tasks are running on the Server/VPS
    • The number of tasks you can run in a server/VPS depends on the Server/VPS size you will select. If you select a smaller sized Server/VPS, and run too many tasks on that server, this can cause the Server/VPS to freeze, disconnect, shutdown, or restart.
    • The fix for this is either by running less tasks. Tasks manager performance tab should be opened to monitor for maximum number of tasks.
      • Or you can upgrade to a larger server to handle more tasks. We have a guide below on which server size would be best for you number of tasks.

If you are using one of our shoe servers from: then you might want to know how many task you can run on your server.

We recommend following the guide below:

Running more task than recommended could cause the server to freeze, slow down, and any bots/programs that may be installed on the Server/VPS will not run efficiently.


2GB/2Core = 15 task

4GB/4Core = 25 task

6GB/6Core = 50 task

8GB/8Core = 70 task

10GB/10Core = 85 task

14GB/14Core = 100 task

18GB /18Core = 130 task

24GB/24Core = 160 task