Watch the following video to learn How To Use Sticky IP Functionality.

Instructions: In order to use a sticky IP with our residential proxies, please add the following to your proxy password:

password121-session-<random string>

The <random string> is your session ID value.

A full proxy configuration would look like this:

It may also be formatted like this if the tool you're using has a different UI setup: 
  • Username: username123
  • Password: password123-session-ABCDEFG 
  • IP:
  • Port: 8000

While using a sticky IP, you will have the IP for 120 minutes. After 120 minutes, the IP will be rotated. You can continue using the same session ID, but the IP will be different after 120 minutes. In order to get a new IP sooner than that, simply create a new request with a new session ID.  

Additionally, you can use our sticky IPs with our geo-location targeting functionality described in this article. A properly formatted version of this proxy would look like either of these two options: :8000 :8000

NOTE: Please note that due to the nature of residential proxies, sticky IP sessions can disconnect unexpectedly. This may happen when a user's end device is turned off or loses connection to the internet for any reason. When a connection is lost, you will need to detect that on your side and retry your request with a new session ID to receive a new sticky IP.

 If you have any questions, please contact us at - thank you!