What is Proxy Reselling?

Proxy reselling can be a great way to get into the industry of proxy selling. Reselling allows you to begin making money without having to invest a large amount of time or capital into developing your own delivery system or purchasing expensive IP blocks. Rayobyte offers an easy way to get started without the hassle of complex or expensive setups. 

How to Set Up Your Reselling System

To get started reselling proxies, follow the steps below:

  1. First, select a product (e.g. Dedicated US proxies) that you want to sell. All of our proxies are available for resale so you can select whichever ones best meet your customer needs. You can find the entire list of available proxies on our pricing page here
  2. Get started with a trial to confirm that these proxies will work for your reselling needs! Get started with a Risk-free trial by visiting here and setting up a trial (please contact us if you would like a larger sample than the page allows). 
  3. Once you have decided on which proxies you will be reselling, you are ready to start offering them to your customers!

How to Resell to Customers and Manage Their Accesses

Managing proxy access for your customers, who can come and go, is critical. Once you have made your first sale to a customer or if you want to have some stock prepared for sales, here is how you can use our proxy dashboard to effectively manage proxy access. 

You can do this with either IP Authorization or User:Pass. However, we strongly recommend using IP Auth if you are a reseller, as it gives you better control and easier management of your customers' IPs. If you were to use the User:Pass authentication method, then any time a customer cancels their service with you, you would have to reset the password for every other customer in your account - not cool!  Therefore, the following steps only show how to use IP Auth.

  1. Login to your proxy dashboard here
  2. Once a customer has purchased proxies from you, the first step you will need to take is to add their computer's IP address to the authorized list of IPs so they can access the proxies.

    This will tell the proxy system that they are allowed to access the proxies provided. If you need more information on authorizing an IP you can review our article here.
  3.  Once their IP is authorized, you can provide them with the list of proxies that they can use.

        4. We recommend that you keep a list of a customer's authorized IP and proxies you have provided to them. This                 ensures that you can remove their access if they cancel their service with you. 

        5. If a customer cancels their service with you, you can simply remove their IP from your list of authorized IPs. This will             remove their ability to access any IPs you have provided to them. You can then sell those proxies to the next                     customer that you have!

When you need to provide more proxies to your customers, you can simply purchase more proxies from us using the shopping cart located here (or here if you are upgrading a package you already have). 

Need an API to Up Your Reselling Game Even Further?

If you have access to development resources, we provide API functionality that allows you to add and remove authorized IPs via an API call instead of having to manually process the request in the dashboard. Our API functionality can be found on your dashboard here.


Our reselling system allows anyone to begin reselling our proxies without any need for any coding knowledge or require any large investment of funds prior to selling.