A sneaker proxy is a dedicated proxy that allows for customers who are looking to purchase a limited shoe to be able to do so through the sneaker sites.

Typically users will purchase as many sneaker proxies as their budget allows, a VPS, and a bot. However, these 3 components are not necessarily required. In theory, they could try using their home computer and try going to the shoe site normally purchase. Their chances might not be as great though, because they would only be using one IP (their home IP). 

For the best chance at success, users need multiple sneaker proxies, and a sneaker server, which we provide. The server is in the same datacenter as the website server and proxies, allowing for the absolute fastest connection to the footsites. Giving the best chance to cop sneakers. Also, the more proxies you have, the less chance that the footsite will block all the proxies and in result, you have a much greater chance of getting the shoes you want.


  • The proxy is only used by you (not shared). 
  • Can be used with shoe servers for fastest possible speeds
  • In same datacenters as shoe site servers. 
  • Higher speed since no one else is working with the same proxy.
  • Ability to bypass filters and firewalls since a private proxy server can circumvent these types of blocked websites.
  • Protect privacy for minimal worry about your personal information being exposed or compromised when you make purchases or surf on the web.
  • Deliver a higher level of security on internet since a private proxy provides a unique internet address dedicated to only you.

These proxies are best used for account use because the proxy never changes (Unless the you would like the proxies to change).


You may view some of our packages here: https://rayobyte.com/products/isp-proxies