Virgin/24 C Block Proxies are proxies that are only used by one single person, on a subnet that is entirely only used by them on proxies that have been located to not have been used by anyone else previously. Which is why they are called "Virgin". The whole subnet is completely dedicated to you, allowing full control, and extreme reliability.


  • Entire subnet dedicated to you
  • Full control over quality of traffic that is sent through proxies
  • Extreme vetting process to ensure that the quality of the IP blocks remains long term. 
  • Denoted usage to ensure maximum control over any potential abusive activity. 
  • It hides your IP(or MAC) address while adding security and protecting your privacy.
  • Private proxies deliver fully anonymous surfing on the internet. It is important to remember that you leave a digital footprint in the form of your IP address when using the web. This means that almost anyone can see you on-line, including hackers and spammers. A private proxy server can almost guarantee your IP address will be invisible.
  • Higher speed since no one else is working with the same proxy.
  • Ability to bypass filters and firewalls since a private proxy server can circumvent these types of blocked websites.
  • Ability to unblock numerous applications and bypass numerous internet restrictions (i.e. unblock You-Tube, Facebook, Twitter at work or school where the “IT administrator” has restricted your access to these and similar sites).
  • Protect privacy for minimal worry about your personal information being exposed or compromised when you make purchases or surf on the web.
  • Deliver a higher level of security on internet since a private proxy provides a unique internet address dedicated to only you.
  • Avoid and block spam successfully.
  • Get around geographic restrictions (Restricted content based on country).

These proxies are best used for any purpose as needed. The proxies will not rotate monthly unless specifically requested. 

We are unable to provide less than 256 because that would mean that multiple users could be in control of the subnet, increasing the risk for the whole subnet to get blocked by websites by one of the users.

Typical Uses of Dedicated Proxies:
Social Media
Account Creation/Use
General Browsing

USA - Los Angeles

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